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  • In recognition of the efforts of NHMA members in exhibiting at the National Rally, NHMA affiliated exhibitors pay no fee to exhibit. Spouses/children of affiliated exhibitors also attend at no charge.
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  • All NHMA affiliated club members in this booking are required to provide a copy of their insurance card.
  • If you are not an NHMA affiliated club member, a fee of $20 will be charged to exhibit. You will also need to provide your own Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.
  • No entry to ANY Machinery Compounds without NHMA or other accepted Insurance. Any persons in compounds may be asked to show NHMA insurance card or proof of insurance over the event.
  • You can only exhibit after acceptance of this application. No acceptance – No entry.
  • NHMA members who are NOT exhibiting need to enter and pay through public gates.
  • Camping only available to exhibitors and their partners/children.
  • NO DOGS/PETS are allowed on the site.